Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, BDCS, is a non-invasive yet powerful  whole-person treatment, enabling the restoration of body and mind's inherent health. Rooted in osteopathy, BDCS incorporates finely attuned listening to one’s anatomy and physiology as well as spirit, emotion, and energy. This modality is great for conditions such as physical or emotional injury/trauma, chronic pain, concussion, an unsureness of where one is in life, and much more. 

Isabel studied and gained her certificate from Stillpoint CST. This curriculum is based on Franklyn Sills’ 30 years of experience developing and teaching BCST Foundation Trainings as founder of the Karuna Institute in England. 

Clients remain clothed and lie on a massage table while the practitioner gently holds, with verbal permission, different parts of the body. Unlike other forms of therapy, practitioners listen to what the body brings forth and supports healing from there, rather than an intellectual diagnosis and treatment plan. This way, the client’s system guides the way to its own healing and health.

"I have been to many Craniosacral practitioners and Isabel is a favorite. She brings her anatomical knowledge from the dancing world as well as a natural talent for deep listening. If you feel disconnected from your body, have been going through a stressful time or have experienced an injury, I would highly recommend going to Isabel. After a session with her, you will feel refreshed, reset, and like yourself again."

-Tai Chou-Kudo, BCST

2018 Isabel Umali

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