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Orthopedic techniques
Eastern modalities
evidence based
trauma informed
photo: Natalie Deryn-Johnson
I am a NY and CA state licensed massage therapist with advanced certifications in orthopedic massage and prenatal massage therapy.
As a dancer I understand the value and need for targeted orthopedic massage for specific injuries. This work might stay local to the injury or include more of the body for a holistic approach. I have danced professionally for a decade. My experience with and understanding of the physical sensitivity and specific psycho-social layers that are a result of dance training, industry structures, and artistic practices have given me capabilities that translate to my care given to all athletes and people in general. 

Park Slope
5th ave & 8th st


Broadway & Houston

Crown Heights
Nostrand & Empire Blvd

Please specify if you are inquiring about Park Slope or Soho locations

60-min session  --- $150
75-min session --- $185
90-min session --- $215
I am happy to be able to offer discount sessions to those in financial need. Please contact me.
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How do I work?
As in life, it's important to be versital in my work. I have worked in PT clinics, sports massage clinics, and ballet schools where efficiency is valued. Still, I find it important to work slowly enough that the nervous system can integrate the information/suggestions I am offering.
I can offer 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions tailored to your needs. I value deep listening to the feel of the tissues with the ability to apply very deep pressure or effective light pressure. 
I work to integrate massage and BCST. Many injuries, such as concussions and post-concussion syndrome or high-stress disorders, are better addressed with BCST and can be integrated into any massage session. For example, a client who wants deeper, targeted work on their shoulders and neck but has a lot of anxiety and insomnia can get targeted work first and then be able to integrate as we transition into lighter touch and stillness at their cranium with BCST. 
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