I tried to go forward, injured

before trauma had processed

today I was taught by a girl

half my age, how to rest my mind

in my body. To stop running

and smelling every flower, to forget

every remembered pain. 

And to stay in one safe cup 

of existence, the safe cup

a plant provides its blossom.

I was battling, then shifted

into the safety of warm hands.


"I first took [Isabel’s] movement and meditation classes and had a remote session over the phone, and both experiences were wildly transformative for me. I was dealing with several injuries at the time… and I felt immediate effects physically. [I] also felt effects emotionally… which coming at a time… with a lot of change… is still a helpful tool.


I would absolutely recommend this therapy to anyone who is dealing with physical injuries, [and] for anyone who has.. built up trauma- whether that’s from a physical… or emotional experience. I have felt that… emotional baggage has been released through this practice." - Audrey

Audrey tells us about her experience after Movement and Meditation classes as well as Remote sessions.
"The session was very gentle and uplifting, I felt very supported, seen, and heard by Isabel and the care she provided. That's not an experience that I get a lot from the healthcare field, which is why I really like the BCST approach because it feels way more personal, respectful, and less like a doctor/patient hierarchy. The most prominent thing – and, later, change – that occurred in the session was I was able to let go some very deeply stored emotional residue. I remember crying a lot during and after the session, and it felt like I was letting go of a lot of inner tension/turmoil I didn't realize I had been holding. That one session didn't provide any huge realizations, but it offered me a spiritual and emotional safe space that I didn't realize I needed so badly, especially when these last few months were so rough."
- Lars
“Isabel lays the foundations and the context for me to tune into… what’s true for my body, my mind, my heart.  [Isabel] guides me to be able to access that inner wisdom… that [when] you can tap into… is a really powerful and healing thing.” -Guillaume
"Isabel creates an embracing space to work through physical and energetic discomforts. Her touch, perception, and presence exudes gentle affirmation. To this day, when I experience mental distress and disembodiment, I repeat to myself a phrases that she spoke to me during our first cranial sacral session, “Stay with the body.” And this is what she does. She helps move stagnant energy, increases the body’s natural intelligence to heal, and ushers in a state of ease so that one can return to the body a little bit more at peace than before. " -Natalie
"Sensing the body from inside out, feeling the support of the ground
align... connect foot to shoulder to hip to finger... I zoned in to a moving meditation guided by clear and evocative instructions from Isabel." 
-Angela Morris

"I'm hopelessly out of touch with my body. Inflexible, uncoordinated and lacking grace. And I'm very self conscious about dancing or expressing myself physically. Isabel threw all of that out the window and got me out of my head and into my body. I moved in ways I'd never moved before and when I left the class I could feel my whole body humming."

-Ben Cohen

2018 Isabel Umali

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