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Collaborating partners Isabel Umali and Dustin Carlson

Isabel, Dustin and Artists create works wherein movers and sound makers are essential to each other. We call them DanceBands. DanceBands perform experiences; they are artistic rituals that can transform space, expand time, and engender deep emotional response. 

Our events are structured to offer interconnection of performance and audience, strangers and neighbors. We invite community engagement with an egalitarian mission to share art with sliding scale tickets, and without front rows or VIP sections.

Isabel and Dustin began making work in 2016 and have been presented by KODA Lab, CreateArt, NoOSPHERE ARTS, FIVEMYLES, FIDCDMX (Mexico City) among others.

The DanceBands series, where we invite other music/dance collaborating artists, was created in 2020, and has been presented by KODA Lab and Home Audio

Ace Hotel, photo by Effy Grey

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Earth Day 2021: Embodied Activism

Watch the film HERE

Focusing on carbon emissions and governmental changes to stop global warming often feels out of our hands. Earth Day, 2021 invites us, individually and collectively, to become more mindful of our actions, as this mindfulness can ripple out into how we participate at systemic and organizational levels in the climate awareness fight. Often causes such as gender equality or climate awareness are used as moral licensing to dodge racism. Our ongoing work as people and artists is to incorporate the intersectionality of racism, environmentalism, sexism, and any other “-ism”.

“They have a gift of moving the crowds and shifting energy levels to help us reconnect with our bodies and selves.”- KODA

Our next show is September 11 as part of We Are Nature // stay tuned...