We have been hosting Sensorial Dancing and Creation sessions in Prospect Park!

The world we exist in requires a universal level of connectivity now more than ever before. As dancers and movement practitioners, we are interested in pursuing our ongoing mission to provide platforms and opportunities for human-to-human connection, and now we are finding ways to amplify the voices of local activist organizations by sharing our craft of dance and embodied healing. Through a unified effort of donation based classes and various engagements, we want to encourage the moving body community to join us for a week of putting their bodies, minds, souls, and spare change where it matters most…..in the hands of our frontline activists. 

 Activism is Embodied Activism. We, Ashley Menestrina and Isabel Umali, have co-created a platform to bring awareness to an area that needs attention and love, and raise money for local activist organizations. We've put together our skills and invited some friends to offer AMAZING workshop weeks of movement, meditation, growth and exploration across many mediums.

Get an idea of what we do from our past workshop weeks:

Environmental Justice

This workshop week is centered around Climate Awareness and we are partnering with the performance platform, CreateART. The performances they art putting on with NoOSPHERE ARTS will bookend our workshop week and the amazing choreographers will be teaching us class- on the roof of NoOSPHERE ARTS!

 We are raising money for WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a Harlem-based nonprofit working to fight environmental racism at the city, state, and federal levels.

Our amazing lineup of movement teachers will be teaching OUTSIDE. Sign up and donate! See our schedule below

photos by Effy Grey
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2:30 pm EDT

Cameron McKinney

NAGARE Technique

in Prospect Park

This contemporary floorwork-based class holds influences from street dance, capoeira, and house dance. The class is rooted in Cameron McKinney’s NAGARE technique which activates oppositional forces and contrasting sensations to achieve fluid transitions in and out of the floor. 


4pm EDT

Kelly Ashton Todd


on the roof of 

Mothership, NYC

Kelly is a 500 hr RYT certified yoga teacher. With two decades of yoga practice and teaching, Kelly views yoga as a journey of understanding the connection of pathways between the body and mind. As a playful teacher, she strives to give students another avenue into exploring dynamic postures and honing into what their individual body craves. You are invited to chant, dance, walk on your hands, lay on the floor, and experience present emotions. 

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5pm edt

Alex Beaty TALKS

with Ashley


Join us for a Talk on practicing sustainability! Techniques and insights we've always wanted... and composting! 



4pm EDT

Alex Beaty

Mobility Training

on the roof of

Mothership, NYC

Alex’s mobility class will be part yoga, part pilates, and a lot of joint strength to help you find the right balance of strength and flexibility. The tools you will learn in class will help keep your body safe, strong and limber.

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11am EDT

Isabel Umali

Sensorial Dancing

in Prospect Park

Isabel will lead a movement exploration guided by her work in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Together we will move dynamically and listen to the powerful movement within us, our connection to each other and wider forces, and our potential to come up against our discomfort and heal. We can create embodied connection while connecting to the love and practice of dance.

2018 Isabel Umali

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