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Dance Artist  Craniosacral Therapist  Teacher

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who is passionate about creating space for human-to-human connection.

I want to share what I know about physical bodies and the beauty, love, joy, trauma, history, lineage, and life within them through art, embodied therapy, classes, and writings

July 25, 6pm-8pm

FiveMyles 558 St. John’s Place, Crown Heights

As NYC reopens, we are interested in gathering and inspiring play and a lighter state of mind. We want to invite you outside, just as you are, to share space with us and have some fun engaging with performance.

“They have a gift of moving the crowds and shifting energy levels to help us reconnect with our bodies and selves.”- KODA

When George Floyd was killed and protests began breaking out in nyc, I was asked to write for the blog of my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training program, Stillpoint. Understanding Our Part and Our Place is written from my experience in the BCST community, and though some terminology may not be in your current vocabulary, I do believe the message is clear.

What people are saying:

"I...was impressed, intrigued and pulled to your work."

"So well written... truly a gift. I hope many read and are able to appreciate your words of compassion and truth."


a dance film


New music and dance celebrates collaboration within the pandemic. 


Wandering is a four movement dance film set to a guitar suite composed by Dustin Carlson and performed by Andrea Gonzalez Caballero. The film and movement are the result of a collaboration between Angelo Vasta and dancers Yeman Brown, Isabel Umali, Ashley Menestrina, and Justin Daniels. The music was commissioned by The Gabriela Lena Franck Creative Academy of Music and because of the current challenges with live performance, Dustin and Andrea agreed that a dance film would make an excellent debut.  


"Both jazz and flamenco are musical embodiments of struggle and transcendence of oppressive forces; both are instances where intuitive genius overrides formalism. Both are musics whose foundational practitioners had to endure racism and bigotry, a fact which for me, being a white, male US citizen, was an additional motivation to reflect on my feelings regarding privilege, disappointment, and shame. The final project is a true collaboration between commissioner, composer, performer, dancers, and filmmaker. The result is a celebration of artists and of creative resilience. "

-Dustin Carlson, composer & producer


#GLFCAMGigThruCOVID initiative 


 Activism is Embodied Activism. My dear friend and collaborator, Ashley, and I have co-created a platform to bring awareness to an area that needs attention and love, and raise money for local activist organizations. We've put together our skills and invited some friends to offer AMAZING workshop weeks of movement, meditation, growth and exploration across many mediums. Check out our next lineup